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Jolly Saturday pictures – Lighthearted memes and pics

Jolly Saturday pictures – While we sure do hope that the weekend has been treating you right so far, we do acknowledge that many of you will actually be working today and that part of those who are lucky enough to be home will start feeling slightly bored right now and will have decided to waste time in front of their computers and/or phones. If you too are of those who aren’t lucky enough to be climbing the Kilimanjaro, cruising the Great Barrier Reef or even Camel trekking the famous Sahara desert this weekend, don’t beat yourself up too much and come and surf the legendary Internet Scavenger’s playground and its never ending collection of rib-tickling pics and memes!

Wishing you an amusing PMSLweb moment!

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Keep staring I might do a trick funny t-shirt

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This turkey sandwich better chill funny meme

The odds are against me funny meme

If it has tits or tires it's gonna give you problems funny meme

Celebrating fall funny comic

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Can someone make me look like I'm holding a pittbull funny photoshop meme

If gone with the wind was made today funny meme

You look like a hood angel funny comment - Jolly Saturday pictures

Send me a picture of you profile photo vs reality funny meme

Chassing pussy with the whole family funny Disney golden book cover

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If brands changed products humor

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People talk about having an inner child humor

The person you are trying to reach sarcastic humor

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One shoe can change your life funny sign fail - Jolly Saturday pictures

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