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LMAO memes and pictures – Your Friday funnies are here

LMAO memes and pictures – If ever you were of those who celebrated Halloween and/or were lucky enough to enjoy a holiday Wednesday (aka All Saint’s day), this week probably turned out not to be a stressful as usual. Nonetheless, let’s bear in mind that this was not the case for everyone and, as usual, millions of people across the globe have impatiently been waiting for Friday to finally make its outstanding weekly appearance; so first of all, congrats on hitting this oh-so-important milestone people! Now, in order to celebrate worthily, how does treating yourself to a few good old Internet guffaws sound? Our latest selection of jokey memes and pics is now up and kicking, so feel free to give the latter a shot.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead and a jocular PMSLweb moment!

When she gets hold of his phone funny meme - LMAO memes and pics

Woman accused of snorting mum's ashes funny comment

Looking for a dominant guy with a sense of humor funny meme

Girls on Instagram taking artsy pics funny meme

When she discovers your Internet history funny meme - LMAO memes and pics

Your mom has been reporting memes on Facebook funny

When you surround yourself with positive people but are still an asshole funny meme

Recycle your hoes funny meme

How to play yo yo like a pro humor

He looks like Justin Bieber a little bit funny meme - LMAO memes and pics

Enlightened monks funny meme

When it's true love she makes you breakfast funny meme

Prince Harry and William on a stag night funny meme

When someone is trying to hold a deep conversation but you're drunk funny meme

When your boss says "before you go" funny meme - LMAO memes and pics

Funny absent father Halloween costume

Caillou destroyer of homes funny comment

When you're in a relationship and a girl gets hold of your number funny text message

Treat your passwords like your underpants funny sign

Funny front face ultrasound of baby meme - LMAO memes and pics

Angela Merkel is timeless funny meme

Piggy back picture with random biker humor

Funny realistic chocolate bar packaging

When you're thinking about having that 3rd donut funny meme

Women are happier when their partner is less attractive funny comment

I thought the cup was blasting off funny comment - LMAO memes and pics

When your baby calls you dad for the first time funny cartoon

I wonder what Sally's parents thought funny tweet

When you skip the game tutorial funny meme

Satan will make a special appearance funny sign fail

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