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LMAO picture collection – Your daily dose of craze

LMAO picture collection – The time has come for us to submit to your appreciation our latest collection of Friday madness (aka funny mood enhancing pics). We hope that you made it through the week without any major turmoil, and that your mind is now set on making the most out of the upcoming weekend –and evidently, we hope that we can -humbly- help you a tad with that).

Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead and a rollicking PMSLweb moment!

When your boss asks you to work Saturday funny meme - LMAO picture collection

Egypt needs some freedom funny meme

Writing on toilet walls humor

Take me to the fridge tiny human funny cat meme

When you reset your router funny dank meme

What it looks like being the third wheel funny gif – LMAO picture collection

Want to hear about my life for a change sarcastic humor

When your phone wants to update funny meme

I’m offended when my body decided to be sick funny quote

Funny prepackaged communion meme

Funny boys puberty fact – LMAO picture collection

Star Wars galaxy note 7 funny meme

Lick me where I fart funny news meme

Funny stupid questions notice

We all know that one ugly bitch with cute kids funny meme

Funny roast cooking time guide

Baby I’m wet funny text message – LMAO picture collection

When your parents help you with homework funny meme

Pumpkin spice Xanax funny meme

When Samsung makes better bombs than Isis funny meme

Me trying to fix my attitude funny meme

Funny cat and rocking chairs gif

Why you should always wash vegetables after you buy them adult humor

Mom is packing your lunch funny bird cartoon – LMAO picture collection

You win this time clickbait humor

Some days I amaze myself funny quote

I always speak my mind sarcastic humor

Funny Reich & Roll meme

Raise your hand if you’re a bit of an asshole funny meme – LMAO picture collection

Funny porridge advertising

Join the pavement challenge humor

Netflix and chill when you’re on a budget humor

Telling people what you really think after you drink  funny meme

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