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LOL pics – Celebrating the new week with a wicked collection of funnies has now become a classic. Whatever humor tends to make your day: Alternative, Black, Observational, Cringe, Surreal, Sarcastic, Slapstick or Screwball – just to name a few – we definitely will do our best in order not to leave you without… so please feel free to give what follows a peek.

Wishing you a chuckle-tainted PMSLweb moment!

Funny opinions warning – LOL pics at

Stupid people on Facebook at

Durex and religion humor at

Internet contrarian cartoon at

Too stupid for the internet at

Funny uses of Google graph at

Sexist toys at

Warning drunk posting – LOL pics at

The sound of nature funny at

Apple sues Sandy humor at

Who wants ice cream football meme at

You’re a yellow person funny at

We’re off to see the wizard meme – LOL pics at

Happy everything funny at

This boy’s a pretentious douche meme at

Australians cat meme at

Funny dog meme at

Idiot detector at

Funny iPhone intelligence test at

Redtube humor – LOL pics at

lady tramp dog costume at

Winzip funny cartoon at

Shakespeare then and now at

Console gaming tips for cats at

Internet destroyer – LOL pics at

Testosterone fail at

Beauty and the beast humor at

Wii fit cheat codes meme at

Aussie diver kills great white at

Eminem is a raper fail at

Like a boss at

Chilled toilet paper – LOL pics at

It was you the entire time cat gif at

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