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Lol picture collection – Your Tuesday dose of funnies

Lol picture collection – Time for everyone to get his spirits up in order to mount his wicked camel and start the usual midweek ascension, so the least we could do evidently is to try and provide you with a few Tuesday funnies.

Wishing you a wonderful PMSLweb moment!

My husband is an a**hole -  Lol picture collection at

My parents painted the house meme at

Girls potty over Potter broomstick at

F*ck you year book – Lol picture collection at

Health and beauty products fail at

Workout humor at

What’s green and smells like pork meme at

My dog is an a**hole meme at

Funny gas station sign – Lol picture collection at

Dog selfie at

I went to lick my balls dog meme at

Worst guard dog ever meme at

How we deal with break-ups  - Lol picture collection at

Stupid accident news clipping at

I didn’t see shit meme at

Security duck demotivational at

He who sticks head up own a** at

When I die superman meme at

English to dumbass dictionary ecard – Lol picture collection at

Back boobs fail at

Playground level redneck at PMSLweb.ccom

What having your periods feels like meme at

Christmas lights level redneck at

The supreme douchebag driver at

If you can’t handle me at my worst  - Lol picture collection at

If you have an opinion about my life funny quote at

FU earings – Lol picture collection at

Shut the f*ck up humor at

Funny fish meme at

Bananas again monkey meme at

That’s my car Jesus meme – Lol picture collection at

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