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LOL time – A collection of crazy pictures

LOL time – After making it through the toughest part of the week, unwinding seems crucial in order to successfully pull through the remaining strides which still separate us from the weekend. As from now, please feel free to activate your cruise control and let us guide you.

Wishing you a delightful and smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Rated R tard – LOL time at

Lucas knows what you did at

I don’t have ADD funny quote at

Funny Japanese name at

Funny play-doh advert at

Durex no baby on board sign – LOL time at

Saw fish meme at

Eiffel tower funny at

Safety camera and spider at

Awesome wine holder at

Final fantasy parody at

Behind every woman quote – LOL time at

Content of a toothpaste at

Funny mid-wife services at

Stop the spread of germs funny at

You are now a universal charger at

Pancake preparation instruction fail at

And by K I mean f*ck you  - LOL time at

Wedding announcements funny name combinations at

The day the penis asked for a raise joke at

Funny satanic abbreviations at

Saddest book I ever read at

Food movies funny parody – LOL time at

Feelings funny fake book cover at

Dat ho hilarious Asian name at

Tortilla chips meme at

When I get excited I eat imaginary cereal at

Abused child doll at

Craigslist pervert – LOL time at

Funny handicap fire exit at

Funny zen cat at

Douchebaggery Olympic event at

Women with kids versus men

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