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Funny pictures and quotes to show peeps how much you care

Funny pictures and quotes – As we all know, it isn’t always easy to express out loud what one feels deep down inside; And it’s not always all that much about finding the courage to do so but more for what is of getting the words right in a way that they will not lead to any possible confusion, so today on Piss Myself Laughing, once more, we have decided to give you a helping hand in addition to other goodies. After all, you often only get one shot at it so might as well get it right!

Wishing you a glorious moment!

googling your terminal cancer diagnosis

limited relationship status number on facebook

brad pitt always with you

I think the fook i give went that way

crack is ugly

that moment when you're suppose to be cleaning

every morning is a constant battle

turning down the music in your car when looking at a street sign

do not use wine as an excuse to text your ex

300 people working at wal-mart and 4 cash registers open

you were so attractive until you texted me with your hideous grammar

shampoo and conditioner

whether I am about to be devoured by a great white shark

acting natural around cops when you have done nothing wrong

how to write a pitbull song

how peanut butter is made

that awkward moment when you fail at being mad

a clean house is a sign of a broken computer

has anyone noticed that the symbol &

when you eat cereal the box becomes interesting

did you know that you can't breathe fast and stick out your tongue

do you recognize these hairstyles

Is this a garbage bin or a juggler giving up

the aliens always invade the usa first

I just found an iphone app funny

Russia has zero tolerance speed cameras

let me show you exactly where that paper cut is

you never realize what you have until it's gone toilet paper

know the difference between rock n roll and spiderman

me and my bed you and your jeans

I m hungry but not for any of the food in my house

a neutron walks into a bar

I promised myself I d only have a few chips

ever noticed that luigi s mustache looks like a bra

just because you can t dance funny

doing YMCA is harder in chinese

in addition to casual friday yourecards

I wanted to tell you that i booked you a one way flight

almost 7 billion people yourecards

some men are conceived through anal sex

deca is useless brown water

what doesn't kill us makes us drink stronger liquor

you made me wish I had more middle fingers yourecards

facebook stalking fail

 If you say I seen yourecards

good bye beer pong hello battle shots

 the tooth fairy taught kids to sell parts of their body yourecards

I m no cactus expert but i know a prick when i see one

under the butt nut hut

you think titanic was sad try watching the end of toy story 3

is it a bird is it a plane yourecards

life is like a jar of jallapenos

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