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Laughter troops deployment maneuver – M-Day Invasion

Laughter troops deployment maneuver - As fierce and evil can be our archenemy Monday, various rescue squads are being launched all over the web in order to minimize the damage caused by the latter. Nonetheless, it seems important to remind the population that whatever you do, you must not in any case let him get to you! Do not listen to his fibs, as he will be doing his best to sow discord among you and the lower he can get your spirits the better…. The best advice one can give here is to purely and simply ignore him.
Focus only on things which make you smile, and a nice collection of funny pics could turn out to be a good start.

Wishing you a wonderful new week and a facetious PMSLweb moment!

It’s Monday again said no one ever
Things I need to get done funny book
go ahead bounce trampoline funny
have you ever looked at someone and knew the wheel was turning
old age hearing problems
How I feel walking away from a strike in bowling
actual Australian court docket
I was going to like your status on facebook then I saw the hashtag ecard
my weed funny
wake the f*ck up coffee
medical definitions for rednecks
Look a flying f*ck funny
you discover a bruise funny
what’s your story funny
best party ever meme
my first methlab ladybird book funny
mr Jesus no here funny meme
if browsers were guns funny
kids they grow up so fast they move out so slow
Somewhere in the arctic lady gaga funny
There are only 5 things we need in life funny
money talks mine always says goodbye
reasons why I update software
so you deleted me from facebook ecard
I’m already disturbed please come in
I don’t need anger management classes
job interview honesty
I’m having one of those days funny
Jesus loves you funny
your mouth blunt card
the older I get funny
yoda to the hand you talk funny
that’s how you roll a joint meme
If I had known ecard
what does being in love feel like funny
oh you hate your job ecard
when life gives you lemons like these meme
finally repaired the bathroom door funny
Sheila regrets the passionate night she spent with the handsome ostrich
grumpy cat I said no vet
bedtime story vintage revisited
at 2am looking for snacks meme
how to get along at work list
Irish flu shots
funny granny protesting
stormtrooper I hit a bird once
50 shades of grey wet floor warning
who needs arms demotivational
25 things you would love to say at work
you say lazy like it’s a bad thing
go f*ck yourself productions
pop goes the hamster funny
the rectal exam funny
your village called their idiot is missing
all right Monday funny ecard

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