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Meanwhile in….a collection of “Meanwhile in” funnies

Meanwhile in… A PMSLweb Collection – Meanwhile on the internet millions of people from all across the planet are desperately trying to kill time, and that even though most of them have far better and most probably have a certain amount of important things to attend to (the call of procrastination is strong). But seriously let’s face it; it’s so easy and pleasant to get distracted and let your mind wander while treating yourselves to a few smiles on the way. Keeping only your well-being in mind evidently, we decided to take a closer look at this “new trend”, and put together this little gallery. Long story short, why not visit our “various” neighbors and see what they are up to…
Wishing you a tasteful PMSLweb moment!

meanwhile the USA
Meanwhile OZ
Meanwhile in Bulgaria
Meanwhile Canada
Meanwhile Chernobyl
Meanwhile China
Meanwhile Colombia
Meanwhile Detroit US
Meanwhile Egypt
Meanwhile in Finland
Meanwhile France
Meanwhile Germany
Meanwhile Germany
Meanwhile Ireland
Meanwhile Italy
Meanwhile in Jamaica
Meanwhile in Japan
Meanwhile Japan
Meanwhile Japan
Meanwhile Latvia
Meanwhile NZ
Meanwhile Norway
Meanwhile in Poland
Meanwhile Rio
Meanwhile Russia
Meanwhile russia
meanwhile San Francisco
Meanwhile Scotland
Meanwhile cotland
Meanwhile Spain
Meanwhile Ukraine

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