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Men versus Women: Always and Forever Collection

Men versus Women – Why not spice up a bit your Thursday by opening one of Pandora’s favorite boxes – when girl meets boy and when boy meets girl ! An ocean of feelings on one side and a sea of misunderstanding on the other which, when combined, inevitably lead to a lethal combo. But, let’s face it, while the opposite gender can drive us up the wall at moments and make us lose it completely, paradoxically we just couldn’t bear to live without them because as we know love is what makes the world go round; so no choice but to just deal the best way we can and “come what may”!

Wishing you a heart pounding PMSLweb moment!

How men and women propose meme
what women do after sex
There’s are big difference between a man and a woman ecard
The thinking process of a girl
my girlfriend has problems opening gifts early
women versus men analyze funny
women versus men funny
when women and men breaks their nails funny
the man is still looking at his thumb
her diary versus his diary funny
I bought a pair of meatloaf underwear today
If a woman is upset funny quote
I want no one otter than you
we always hold hands funny meme
my girlfriend and I went on our 9th date funny
you don’t want these eggs I made you – uterus funny
the perfect day for her versus the perfect day for him
friends compare men and women after kiss
you’re not a nerd couple funny
a device which simulates birth contractions
how do you like your eggs funny
A real woman always keeps her house clean and organized funny
when a guy has a broken heart funny
Imaginary boyfriend funny
my ex funny iPhone
doesn’t matter had sex praying mantis meme
you’re cute when you’re mad funny meme
my girlfriend is my boyfriend funny
woman’s  poem versus man’s poem funny
father to boyfriend iPhone prank
women are always right toilet sign
aren’t you pregnant meme
no shirt no service no shirt free beer sign
what makes him your boyfriend cosby funny
if at first you don’t succeed funny
fake boyfriend for bed funny
he broke her heart she broke his xbox
why is my girlfriend unhappy fail
women are like iPhones ecard
boyfriend 5.0 to husband 1.0 tech support funny
what is it called when your crush has a crush on you too
couples dynamics funny
we go together like f*ck and you ecard
love letters man versus woman
girls checking out men versus men checking out girls
my dear valentine ecard
original man underwear
the story of 20 toes told in 20 minutes
chatting with girl funny meme
president Obama and michelle funny story
chuck Norris baby name funny
women have the most difficult lives funny
9 deadly words used by women funny
toys for girls versus toys for boys
her point of view versus his point of view
scientists have discovered what women want demotivational
honey what do you want for Christmas meme
le brave me with girl meme
I can make you scream with one finger funny
don’t worry honey girl funny meme
short love story on fingers
your boyfriend has bigger boobs than you
a good husband demotivational
the pros and cons of living with your significant other
the official boyfriend application form
men versus women interpretations

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