Merry New Week Ė Letís do the happy Monday dance !

Merry New Week – Seven billion people on the population clock, so we can safely estimate that at least half of the latter woke up this morning, or shall I say jumped out of bed ready to do the Happy Monday Dance. Just imagine, this is undeniably the best and biggest flash-mob ever recorded!

In order to celebrate this amazing event, is delighted to present its new Monday collection of funny pics!

Wishing you fantastic new week and a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

The same as one Monday on earth
Batman Ė nope I canít find a single f*ck
Donít act like you never waddled across the house ecard
I love the way you make me laugh at you
worlds shortest fairy tale funny
redneck yacht
romeo oh romeo where the f are you?
Ignoranus definition
coca cola and jack daniels funny picture
chuck Norris the early years demotivational
Best childhood memory iPhone funny
100% of men didnít notice king kong in the picture
You can fix any problem with a straw ecard
Raid Spiderman
would you like a table funny quote
donít let the door hit you on the way out ecard
peace, love and karma funny
This is not Farmville I donít need your horseshit
alcohol retro poster funny
the first five days after the weekend ecard
redneck home theatre
the word divorce comes from the Latin term ecard
sony woman remote
offended you are? Yoda funny quote
I was not yawning, I was trying to say something
a boy goes to a stripper club funny
the skittles are ready to harvest
funny divorce lawyers sign
having an affair we cater
I think we met in a past life ecard
spiderman web designer
Iím not doing shit today funny quote
you must be this tall to start a nuclear war
one universe, nine planets ecard
Iím taking care of my procrastination issues
oh you model Ė who is your agency- instagram ecard
youíre not my cup of tea ecard
dad and milk box funny
how men sort their laundry
no matter how bad your day seems ecard
a womanís poem funny
no drama sign
Back in my day a restroom meme
Batman playing with catwoman laser funny
dear Pringles funny ecard
Lord where do you find them ecard
If I tell you will you sit on it ecard
shower twister demotivational
birth control effectiveness funny
this is why they decided to stop serving alcohol on bingo night
supposably the unword
If actions speak louder than words ecard
the seven days of the week feel ecard

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