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Midweek delights – A Hump Day collection

Midweek delights – Would you believe it, Hump Day is here once more, and while you’ve just reached the peak of the business week, before you get time to realize what’s going on, it will be time to initiate & lock the upcoming weekend as it will clearly be in sight. In the meantime though, here’s a new collection of Wednesday goodies to keep you on your toes and which we hope will lead to a few chuckles.

Wishing you an appealing PMSLweb moment!

Meanwhile in Russia
your chicken is so rubbery Gordon Ramsay
explain what the second girl is doing
thanks for being options funny
a delicate bouquet of douchebag ecard
How to spot out a football player with kids funny
the whole room knew she farted funny
I don’t really know what’s going on with you ecard
when you see it golden eye 007
they say a mothers spit can clean almost anything ecard
happy mothers day KFC funny
could this possibly be worse than crocs
Now I can die in peace
when I grow up tree funny
i fart because it's the only gas I can afford
Ozzy is not hiding in the closet bat funny
differences between music genres funny
the amount of beer I drink funny
dude hold my beer meme
mcdrugs happy meal
refrigerator magnet upgrade
payment fail
mcVodka I’m loving it
ACDC did this first Miley
click your heels together 3 times funny
the good wife’s guide
what book could you recommend funny
I swear some men were conceived ecard
sexual activity calorie counter
F U decisions funny
20 things guys should never do to a girl
royal flush funny
do you consider yourself to be Hispanic
Bruce lee doesn’t drink water meme
I like that you try to compete with me
not now Dora is exploring baby funny
names banned over seas
I’m trying to see things from your point of view
It’s not the sun that hurts my eyes grumpy cat
when you can’t agree on where to eat funny
if I promise to miss you will you go away
I’m filing this under ecard
husband has the sniffles funny
oops wrong finger
someone’s cookies gave me the shits santa funny
nobody will ever truly be satisfied on valentines day
weed in art funny
FIFA world cup facepalm
toad when you see it

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