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Midweek Funnies : Giggle-packed moment coming up!

Midweek Funnies – You may not realize it right now but the toughest part of the week is behind us – well for most of us it’s accurate as there’s always a few exceptions evidently who will not feel concerned by the previous statement! Anyway, to reward those who have made it so far (and for the others too mind you) here is a new collection of funny pictures which will no doubt light up a smile on your face.

Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Lego spanking prank
wine funny - jesus was here
funny seat- you look tired , sit!
Gonna be a bear it's a fact
Sorry we fought - I hate when you're wrong
kill your family funny
Beer contains female hormones funny
once in a while in the middle of an ordianary life funny
I'm not shy ecard
tortured sould begging for death cooking fail
fook this area in particular funny
If chinese people tattooed lame english words
shampoo it took ten years to figure it out funny
funny computer mouse prank
watching your alarm clock one minute before it goes off
pxnis well played microsoft
you're james bond, I'm chic ken
Lions can jump 36 feet funny
ice cream truck playing music when it was sold out ecard
Whateburger french fries fail
Big photoshop fail
get it together funny nasa drawing
tourettes funny ecard
I wanted to find waldo but not like this
Oh good, they accept dr pepper
well played old man funny
PNESI funny
women need to repeat twice to men ecard
funny virgin airlines  employees answers
cat caught the red dot résumé
If IE is rave enough to ask to set him as default brower
Fail that moment you know funny
midterl exam funny paper
not sure who your post are aiming on facebook ecard
national geographic cougar sleepingin tree funny
I will burn my money those white people never answer my emails
lion why he's the king of the jungle
penis soap bubble
I see people who like their own status funny
my daughers nose ring funny
which way the bus is going smart kids
womans restroom funny prank
understanding the meaning of life before understanding stupid people ecard
new truck driver is being born funny
demotivational what happened to his hand funny
colgate ingenious advertising
alone in the dark funny
metal recycling funny picture
what do we say to adobes updates funny
I don't speak whinese funny ecard
grasshopper on windshield funny picture
when you think it can t get  worse cow funny
douchebag level maximum funny picture
entertaining cheese funny picture
crying because I wouldn't buy her the dolly movie funny
KFC big head tiny body funny
1970 facebook picture funny
no tears shampoo funny
It's raining men funny picture
please don't eat me chocolate
chicken crossing the road funny picture
dear naps sorry i was so mean to you in kindergarden
guilty stick figure
international symbol of maybe I'll make a second sandwich maybe not

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