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Miscellaneous Moment – Various goodies found on the Web

Miscellaneous Moment – Sometimes you stumble across various interesting pictures and facts that you tend to stop on, when they weren’t necessarily what you were looking for in the first place, because they suddenly catch all your attention; may they be interesting, quite funny, intelligent or even sad.
On Piss Myself Laughing we have decided to dedicate a post to these findings, and the latter can differ from one subject to another. Some may make you smile, some may get you thinking and some may make you sigh, while others, well… will just peak your curiosity.
Wishing you an interesting PMSLweb moment!

Home theater
Not sure what to do with your savings?
married the Springfield style
Would you manage to stay serious?
south park artwork
What they actually would look like
intelligent wwf
Smart move from the WWF
sexual furniture
Time to pimp your living room
iPhone vending machine
Your personal vending machine is available now!
microsoft and apple over the years
Rendez-vous 10 years from now…
fingers in the socket
Fingers in the socket made easy
IRL Masters of the Universe
He-Man and She-Ra IRL
AIDS evolution
Simple campaign about A.I.D.S
incredible google maps
Google maps: the best of
grocery list art
You’ll never dare throw it away on your way back
old mcdonald hamburger
McDonalds classic hamburgers: made to last. This test has actually be done a few times in the past and turns out to be accurate.
see baby panda grow step by step
See baby Panda grow step by step; your Awwww moment
barbie IRL
You can comb her hair
grandpa advice
WTF Grandpa..
speaking yank
Speaking Yank the right way
WWF campaign
WWF – Getting the message through
how to hide a factory
Amazing plan
How to know he's the right one
One of those sentences we adore
pepper logic
Pepper knowledge
in a relationship with his car
This guy must masturbate in front of “Cars”!
time to shave
The ultimate test: Baby, do you really love me?
house 100% lego bricks
Every little boy’s dream dad
incredible geek desk
Definitely on my Christmas-list!

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