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Monday comedy club – The internet at its best and worst

Monday comedy club – Chances are that you weren’t all that enthusiast when heading out the door this morning (or heading to your workplace in general wherever the latter is located). Mondayitis is a very common condition sadly, and while the only true known remedy is a holiday, as we know only limited quantities of the latter are available. For those who currently aren’t lucky enough to qualify for this remedy, placebos can be found, and one whose positive results have been proven is Humor (yes that’s right, another H word), and guess what, we’re just total junkies when it comes to that, so why not give us a shot and allow us to become your chuckle dealers for the next few minutes with yet another edition of crazy pictures!

Wishing you a fabulous new week ahead and a wacko PMSLweb moment!

Funny Monday gorilla meme – Monday comedy club

Funny grocery check-out divider comment

Funny protester helps policeman install VLC media player

When a sad song comes on in the car humor

Funny sarcastic Facebook award

Hilarious eyesight test – Monday comedy club

I’m big boned humor

Funny when someone says they’re going to fight you after school

When you get an extra Mc Nugget meme

When you brag about your dick humor

Funny long fingers comment

Taco bell destroyed my anus funny book cover – Monday comedy club

Grandpa voted for Trump funny book cover

Funny Albert Einstein facts

Trump in the shining meme

Funny hoes be like

Funny when the squad is high at the mall

Funny rectum disputatio definition – Monday comedy club

Funny girls be like I’m thinking at what you told me

Reich past nein meme

Funny marriage in a nutshell gif

Funny interesting subway literature

Funny virgin exit sign – Monday comedy club

Michelle Obama is fine funny tweet

Funny Matt Damon movie poster

We are not a species made to last funny tweet

Me sliding into adulthood humor

Jeb will always be mom’s little president humor

Funny when you go out to help bring in the groceries

When someone uses your driveway to turn around humor – Monday comedy club

Funny good morning let the stress begin

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