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Monday craze – A new week gallery of funny pics

Monday craze – Chances is are that a fair amount of you were not overwhelmed with joy when your alarm clocks went off this morning, as we all knew what dreadful fate life had In stock for us: the infamous Monday. Obviously, Skype also knew what was coming, and decided to bail on us just to add to the general mood… Long story short, more than ever a few smiles should come in handy, so let’s get started.

Wishing you a productive new week and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Skype down because FU Monday at

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Facebook psychoanalysis humor

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Vintage sexist advice at

Funny ramen noodles truck accident at

Funny Albanian computer virus at

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Why you have a younger brother Facebook humor at

Our graves will all be the same size funny quote fail at

When your mum tells a terrible joke humor – Monday craze at

You look just like your father funny cartoon at

Crying baby on plane funny tweet at

Sharing bullshit on Facebook humor at

If you call it a hooha funny quote at

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