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Monday fun – A new week gallery of funnies

Monday fun – In order to celebrate the last day of November (things should start getting wild as from tomorrow when we kick start the most festive month of the year), why not start the week with a few chuckles? Bye bye Monday blues is the name of the game today, so let the scrolling begin.

Wishing you a gorgeous week ahead and a jocular PMSLweb moment!

Funny don’t touch me woman – Monday fun

Math captcha fail

When she pulls down her panties naughty humor

How countries see themselves funny Polandball

Finding emo humor

Baby wrestling like a boss – Monday fun

My current relationship status humor

Joyful funeral sign

R2D2 has a badass cousin meme

Funny Putin thanksgiving joke meme

Funny tweet spelling fail

Funny nothing but tears shampoo – Monday fun

Sunday morning church joke

Ban life jackets joke

Funny Portugal Polandball

Later homo humor

Funny Faith WTF illusion

Non graduating students that’s racist humor

Funny sauce warning – Monday fun

Your brain on drugs Dorkly humor

King of the hill funny mum joke

Amish guy minds his own business meme

Rihanna and plump girl humor

When the hole is tight humor

Funny interdiction translation – Monday fun

Funny baby alligator no big deal in Florida

Urinating in public you’re doing it wrong

WTF abortion post

Candy has a better love life than you humor

Funny billboard placement fail

Hilarious billboard placement fail – Monday fun

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