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Monday funny bone – Igniting the new week

Monday funny bone – While we hope that your weekend turned out to be a synonym of joy and guffaws, it’s now time to focus on the upcoming new week and kick-start the latter correctly. In order to help you make the best of it, we’ve picked out a few funnies as usual to submit to that wicked funny bone of yours.

Wishing you a joy-packed PMSLweb moment!

Monday’s are punishment quote at

Political reporting humor – Monday funny bone at

Funny Norway goth talent at

Spongebob and Patrick meme at

Open this when I die humor at

If you stay quiet sarcastic joke – Monday funny bone at

Who is the pet now humor at

Where is my little baby meme at

F*ck you rabbit guy at

Cop joke at

Jordan socks fail – Monday funny bone at

Atheist bat humor at

Meanwhile at the youtube comment section at

Hawkwasp meme at

Scratch my back under my bra straps at

A woman’s apology – Monday funny bone at

Bank opening hours meme at

Baby don’t text back funny at

Funny tumblr comment at

Funny mouse pointer gif at

Funny weather forecast – Monday funny bone at

Scumbag fly meme at

Do you know where your cat is humor at

Once upon a time f*ck you at

Pizza cake mother of god at

Google did you mean at

My cat on his first walk meme – Monday funny bone at

Knowing your poop at

Real meaning of OkCupid questions at

That’s all b*tch meme at

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