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Monday guffaws – A little nonsense to start the new week

Monday guffaws – Feeling a little mischievous today and are not sure where to start? Please allow us to give a helping hand with our latest edition of internet funnies. Why not take a few and take a spin down claptrap Avenue, chances are you won’t regret…

Wishing you a glorious new week and an inspiring PMSLweb moment!

You don’t know what you have WIFI quote – Monday guffaws at

Funny connect the dots at

Funny flip flop parenting at

Funny Nintendo book preface at

Funny biking meals animated at

Funny cat petting chart – Monday guffaws at

Funny adult drawing activity at

Funny don’t drink too much vintage sexist advice at

Funny horse video game prank at

Funny anal sex advice with snails at

Funny Moses puddles cartoon at

Funny Police at the door joke at

Funny relationship perspective cartoon at

Funny wow shop promotion at

Funny economy truth cartoon at

Going for a walk funny dog meme at

If people don’t accept you for who you are funny sarcasm at

Jaime Lannister likes this post meme

Duck with dick humor at

Funny Eric Dick signature at

Which minority is destroying America humor at

You may kiss the paw cat meme at

Funny internet facts about your mum at

Funny elephant captcha – Monday guffaws at

Funny f*ck the police sign meme at

Funny truth + god = life maths at

Happy gum for your crappy life humor

Funny OFF bug spray advertising

The most dad looking dad funny comment – Monday guffaws at

Mom got 2 presents for her birthday meme

Funny Christian evolution of the name Ellen at

Taking out the garbage on Monday morning meme

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