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Monday hilarity – Drawing new week smiles

Monday hilarity – First of all, we hope that your weekend was a gem and that you still managed to extricate yourself out of bed this morning without too much harm. We understand that for many Monday morning are dreaded, and that making it through the day can sometimes require a few encouragements, so here’s our humble contribution.

Wishing you a wonderful new week and a delightful PMSLweb moment!

Farting Iguana – Monday hilarity at

Funny Monday coffee at

Texting and driving humor at

Stupid Windows question at

Pollen versus Death Star at

Strange Braco advertising – Monday hilarity at

Old person driving meme at

Funny toilet paper meme at

3 things are infinite meme at

Funny beer logic at

Dancing with Jesus gif – Monday hilarity at

Cat in washing machine meme at

Horny dummies at

American football troll at

Parenting in public versus parenting at home at

Typo fail – Monday hilarity at

Difference between regular and decaf coffee at

No more gum humor at

April fool’s prank at

Funny pizza roulette at

Funny movie facts at

NASA killed Michael Jackson – Monday hilarity at

Logo fail at

Naughty pope humor at

Funny twister at

Hot coal versus lego humor at

If you can dream it you can achieve it humor at

I am a project manager – Monday hilarity at

Do you think homosexuality is sinful humor at

Cat intensifies gif at

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