Monday hilarity – Happy new week vibes

Monday hilarity – Would you believe it, you are currently surviving your 16th Monday since the year began (Yay! 36 left to go). As much as many of us dread the first day of the week, we must admit that oddly enough in parallel time sure seems to fly when you look back. Anyway, time to spike up a little those new week vibes of yours with our latest collection of Monday humor, so….. On your marks……. Get set…. & scroll!

Wishing you a gorgeous new week and a chortle-tainted PMSLweb moment!

Hello this is dog funny gif – Monday hilarity

Funny jewish demotivational picture

Funny desperate Aliens

Pants will explode if phone rings humor

Funny vegeta and the gymnast gif

I have a new backdoor funny facebook comment

Funny shark eats kid gif – Monday hilarity

I am a feminist who expects a guy to pay on a first date humor

Funny unlocking her boyfriend tweet

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels donut meme

Funny reclaiming ancestor’s land meme

You handing breadcrumbs to the other flock pigeon humor

Funny Microsoft Arcade machine – Monday hilarity

Funny text drive Arcade machine

Funny Facebook Arcade machine

Funny if Zodiac signs were houses

Pray the rosary to defeat isis WTF humor

What is heaven funny kid’s answer

Funny spider dog cartoon – Monday hilarity

When you give someone the wrong number humor

She LMAO’d once too many times humor

When you’re ripping a protester’s face off humor

Funny Kebab advertising

Funny walnut instructions

People in movies have this kind of breakfast humor

Girl at the bottom is about to eat the text meme – Monday hilarity

Funny I’ve never regretted a tweet so much

People who go to Chipotle you forget where you came from funny status

fasting and furious Jihad drift meme

Funny stealing a pencil like a boss gif

Funny nigga please cereal – Monday hilarity

Funny I thought I was ugly come back

Sometimes I lie awake at night funny Charlie Brown cartoon

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