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Monday Lmao – A new week collection of chuckles

Monday Lmao – Since this weekend, we have entered the third month of the year March, named after the Roman god of war. Actually, did you know that originally the latter use to be the first month of the calendar, and that until we switched to the Gregorian one in 1752 (which starts with January instead)? But let’s not over-saturate your minds with additional info on the first day of the business week, as that wouldn’t be very fair-play of us; let’s go straight to the point with a new collection of Monday lmao pics.

Wishing you a brilliant new week and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Funny kittens gif at

Rubik’s cube toilet meme – Monday Lmao at

Model sues Mexican plastic surgeon at

People in sleeping bags bear humor at

Fried Jew ear translation fail at

Funny comment about children at

How to shut the light off when feeling lazy – Monday Lmao at

Sauna expectations versus reality at

Toilet paper stuck in panties at

I’m still a virgin meme at

Anti cheating ring meme – Monday Lmao at

Well played google Salvador Dali at

Divers with Lays chips packets meme at

Another blowjob meme at

Monopoly humor at

Kim Jong-Un facebook likes meme at

Fashion you’re drunk meme – Monday Lmao at

The pizza guy my hero at

Speaking English fail at

Mario Bros quote humor at

I may be leaping to conclusions here butt meme at

Added a mustache and Rihanna became prince at

Durex church irony – Monday Lmao at

Meanwhile in Australia parking space for drunk drivers at

You think she loves you  at

Smell of book cans at

If Sesame street characters were humans at

Panoramic photo of dog – Monday Lmao at

Gay rights comment win on Facebook at

Gangsta cheese meme at

How to freak out a girl on Facebook at

How my cousin awaits his diaper change meme at

Wife shovels path for her car – Monday Lmao at

Pot plant training cartoon at

Dashing black man holding dangerously large dorito at

Humpty dumpty funny cartoon at

Cat jump fail gif at

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