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Monday lolz – A new week collection of funnies

Monday lolz – Would you believe it, the sneaky and dreadful day is here once more so , evidently, the time has come for us to whine a tad… or wine actually. Indeed, with so many natural remedies available on the market, why should we deprive ourselves seriously? If ever you’re slightly recalcitrant in to adopting the method we dare to preconize, you might be surprised to learn that wine for example, contains phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sulfates, iron, sodium and potassium, which are elements our body needs on a daily basis. Another astonishing fact we find important to point out, is that conducted studies have shown that the amount of amino acid found in vino is very close to what can be found in our very own blood stream. Long story short, your wine cravings are far from being trivial, and reflect real needs your body has at a given moment.

Wishing you a merry PMSLweb moment!

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