Monday madness Ė Wicked chuckles to start the week

Monday madness Ė Sadly enough itís already Monday, and we have no other choice but to face the naked truth: the weekend & its joys are officially over. Be gone sorrowÖ while you take a wicked pleasure in taunting us every Monday, thereís no way that we cannot attempt to counter attack using our secret weapon of mass laughter (aka General funny bone). The latter awaits you as of now, so letís get going..

Wishing you a wild week ahead and an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

When she asks for a dick pic humor Ė Monday madness

Chicken seizure salad fail

If doctors were treated like web developers funny cartoon

This is Anakin Skywalker whatís your excuse humor

Little Johnny dog essay joke

Australian man living by a cliff joke

Feminists destroying scales humor Ė Monday madness

Didnít steal anything meme

Funny Iím not Japanese joke

Funny cats scared by cat mask

Long Wang funny Asian name

Wife cosplay idea funny comment

Funny Twitter pic Halloween costume prank

I donít understand the fun of candycrush humor Ė Monday madness

Funny JPG test question fail

Funny help me advance my technique master

Japanese couple having an argument joke

Which one will rat first humor

The magic roundabout Dougal Trump humor

Wanted Photoshop expert humor Ė Monday madness

Thanks for coming sperm bank meme

Donít be that friend funny zombie version

Punctuation is important funny sign

Funny the laziest things youíve ever done

Last supper painting humor

End of the month be like humor

The Bible explained to you funny facebook post Ė Monday madness

Your new best friend when youíre drunk humor

Brown kids are weird funny book fail

Dafuq thatís no woman humor

A new study shows meme

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