Monday mischief – Start the week off on the right foot

Monday mischief – As we sadly have to turn the page on yet another weekend, on the bright side, there’s no reason why this week should turn out to be worse than any other (well evidently we very well know that exceptions apply). If you’ve decided to suck it up and make the most of the upcoming week, why not start by treating yourself to our daily selection of funny pics, it cannot do any harm after all….

Wishing you a brilliant week ahead and a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

I like helping people joke – Monday mischief

The one food proven to lower sex drive in women

Gag sprays

My cat loves me naked book

Funny Buddhist friend yahoo question

Funny bowling payback cartoon

We get it you vape humor – Monday mischief

Sarcastic whorebell ecard

Let it go toilet paper

Sarcastic businessman voice ecard

How to cheat on a test humor

Funny advert shadow fail

Heard my neighbor shagging funny status – Monday mischief

Being a mum sarcastic ecard

Funny fish cans

Stupid is forever sarcastic ecard

Funny public house rules

Funny who remembers when the telephone rang

Legalize catnip – Monday mischief

Future son in law joke

Funny perception of spouse emotions graph

Can you teach your mom funny dad comment

Funny alarm clock cartoon

Funny Brussel Sprout story

Touretti spaghetti meme – Monday mischief

Funny police school cartoon

When you don’t have a selfie stick humor

Whore school humor

Parenting these days funny cartoon

Funny Windows 10 feature

Let’s pretend I give a shit gum

One day my prints will come humor – Monday mischief

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