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Monday PMSL – A funny new week gallery

Monday PMSL – With only a week to go, before officially entering the end of the year holiday zone for many of you, the general mood for the upcoming week, could turn out to be an interesting blend of lightheartedness and goodwill , topped up by a certain impatience. In order to help you make it through the handful of remaining business days on the yearly calendar, here’s our Monday selection of funnies.

Wishing you a joyful PMSLweb moment!

Funny Hatebook – Monday PMSL at

If animals could talk funny cartoon at

Black light party humor at

Man hasn’t eaten for 70 years funny comment at

Meanwhile in engineering class at

How lady gaga sees us – Monday PMSL at

Lion King Circle of life funny Youtube comment at

Tiny hipo had a tiny train funny cartoon at

Funny voicemail ecard at

Funny porn Facebook comment at

Funny suggestive fall at

Name your child oreo funny comment – Monday PMSL at

When I listen to you funny ecard at

Friendzoned should be a Facebook relationship status at

Vegetarian is a Indian word for bad hunter at

Funny cat coming in cat flap at

Balding 40 years old newborn meme – Monday PMSL at

When people sing happy birthday to you graph at

I love Spanish funny Tumblr post at

Miles I would run to punch Justin Bieber in the face humor at

Hakuna matata is the PG rated version of IDGAF at

Mom owns son joke at

Winnie the Pooh kite fail at

Funny cat movie poster – Monday PMSL at

When you try and deactivate Facebook funny post at

All hail the heater funny picture at

Funny car parking reclamation form at

Congrats you’ve reproduced humor at

Funny cat tumblr post – Monday PMSL at

Funny these are my f*cks meme at

I don’t know how not to curse quote at

I’m working with 2 speeds today ecard at

Jesus and Mc Donalds funny painting edit at

Because he is a cat meme – Monday PMSL at

Funny Madonna vagisil at

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