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Monday ROFL – Setting the weekly mood

Monday ROFL – After treating ourselves to the usual unshameful procrastination outburst during the weekend, the time has come to line up and pay the price, by surrounding to the infamous wicked Monday .You can trust the latter to be dead on time every week in order to pick-up his due, aka our poor innocent souls, with a devilish smirk lightening up his face. Have no fear though, here’s a quick fix to help you make it through the day.

Wishing you a spirit-uprising PMSLweb moment!

Metro Goldwyn Mayer cat gif – Monday ROFL at

Go home Monday mug you’re drunk at

Bathroom break meme at

It was a long a** day at

Computer virus iPhone prank  - Monday ROFL at

I didn’t want to be photoshopped as Edward at

I don’t always say something stupid meme at

You have a face only a fist can love ecard at

Think you can’t be fooled – Monday ROFL at

This is awkward superheroe hoodies at

The gay pill funny picture at

Everyone loves Raymond grumpy cat funny at

Funny Youtube servers at

Funny maths – Monday ROFL at

How to convince your man to do housework at

Funny dog stairlift ad at

Web M.D meme at

Remote control meme – Monday ROFL at

Don’t be afraid dog meme at

Japanese corn funny at

Funny turnip meme at

Funny dog faces at

How Americans see Ireland – Monday ROFL at

Mom deletes internet explorer icon at

Woman in a plane joke at

What I’ve learned from cooking shows at

Brothers years after funny at

Man and ostrich joke at

Identify douchebags with axe body spray – Monday ROFL at

Weighing scales app on iPad funny at

I hate Hippocrates facebook fail at

Saved by Domino’s pizza at

There goes the last flying f*ck gif at

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