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Monday Shitz n Giggles – New Year same nonsense

Monday Shitz n Giggles – Welcome to our first edition of funny pics and memes of the year. We hope that your holidays were a blast (no terrorist scum, don’t get excited, you very well know what we mean) and that you stuffed your face and punished your liver accordingly. Sadly enough though this most awaited moment is now officially over, and this morning we all reluctantly had to face this dreaded moment: The first Monday of the year. Nonetheless, do not let moroseness take control and do your best to fuel up on giggles whenever the occasion presents itself. Not sure where to start? Please follow the guide….

Wishing you a glorious and fun-packed year, and evidently an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

I just stepped in a pile of Monday sarcastic humor - Monday Shitz n Giggles

When you’re as drunk AF in front of your parents funny meme

Thanks to everyone working this New Year funny meme

Rare picture of a New Year tradition in Turkey funny meme

Yep it’s chocolate funny meme

Mariah Carey New Year 2017 hold my beer funny meme – Monday Shitz n Giggles

When your hangover wakes you up funny meme

Not a single f*ck was given that day humor

Someone changed the Hollywood sign into Hollyweed meme

How many likes can a bag of spaghetti get funny meme

Funny Asian food translation fail – Monday Shitz n Giggles

Girls on social media be like funny meme

You didn’t miss my smile when I was taking the bus funny text message

When bae likes another girl’s selfie funny meme

When you get a pair of socks for Christmas funny meme

What are we gonna do today inappropriate humor – Monday Shitz n Giggles

All our waiters are married funny sign

We interrupt your happiness to bring you Monday sarcastic ecard

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven funny cartoon

Why is my cousin named rose funny meme

Mariah Carey’s New Year performance funny tweet

How were your Holidays? Funny meme – Monday Shitz n Giggles

Funny gender toilet sign win

Female dogs on Instagram be like meme

Trump laughs in racist humor

Year 2016 is just being petty humor

When you agree to plans but don’t feel like going meme – Monday Shitz n Giggles

When a guy posts on FB versus when a girl does meme

New Year on Facebook be like funny gif

Maybe the Internet is not the place for you sarcastic humor

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