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Monday smiles – A touch of happy to start the week

Monday smiles – The counters have been set back to zero, and once more you will need to start working on your motivation levels from scratch in order to get them back to where they were at last Friday evening. If you allow us, we would like to put in a helping hand with our first giggle-tainted collection of the week.

Wishing you a delightful new week and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Funny OCD cartoon – Monday smiles at

She found Cheesus humor at

Funny Breaking dawn trailer reaction comment at

Funny WiiU police siren at

Groom wedding fail at

Funny if I tailgate you meme at

Welcome to Thesaurus sign – Monday smiles at

Tasing sheep on meth humor at

Magnets how do they work humor at

Instagram water filer humor at

Kesha is Travolta humor at

Funny Youtube prank at

Arguing with an engineer joke - Monday smiles at

Kangaroo condoms humor at

It’s impossible said pride funny facebook comment at

Push to open sarcastic door sign at

Lawyers news headline fail at

Funny alpaca terrorists at

Wrappers everywhere humor – Monday smiles at

Paleontology humor at

Everyone sleeps with me teddy bear at

Funny wizard of oz parody at

Home is where funny quote at

One does not simply fly into Europe meme at

Certified idiot on facebook – Monday smiles at

Nobody ever asks how is Waldo at

Funny Game of Thrones wedding meme at

DJ cat at

Funny Wikipedia longest pages at

How would you like to enter Miss Southampton fail at

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