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Monday Smiles Collection – Cheer up, it’s Monday

Monday Smiles Collection – Last Monday of March 2012, some of you are about to start another glorious week while others have already had an insight of what is in order for them. Nonetheless, in all cases, why not try and make the most of it and remember that when people are laughing, they’re generally not killing each other…
Wishing you a joyful PMSLweb moment!

Fish fart too
Well of course fish also fart, what did you expect?
English will cost you
Maybe time to start learning Spanish hey
weird restaurant name
Not sure that I really want to check-out the menu
spelling when drunk
Ever realized that it’s often when your phone starts malfunctioning
why kids like Easter
One way of putting it
Batman's amazing real story
It’s seriously time to go through the saga again me thinks…
nasa mars fail
Where did all that money injected into research go?
the way you feel
We all resent that
when you are poor versus when you are rich
It makes a difference
your dad tries to find out if you have a boyfriend
Dad’s are perfidious creatures
why you need to wash your hands
You’ll think twice now
becoming a fan on Facebook
You could be in for a surprise
in there, but it's cold
There must be an otter way!
For sale because wife knows it all
Women, an amazing source of knowledge
that awkward moment when you share the love
Crowd diving : You’re doing it right
turning your back at an advert
Dangers sometimes appear where you the least expect them
precious little fart
All together now: Awwwwwww
honey i'm home cartoon
Simple things please simple people
ski slopes funny
Maybe surfing isn’t such a bad idea after-all
parenting mistakes
Precious parenting moments
Google's future
Always wanted to live forever? Give it second thoughts
angry BBQ in the snow
They don’t all end up in Australia
Redneck genetics
Some people just hurt your eyes and brain
passionate supporters
For the love of sports
nude man fail
Still can’t wait to grow up?
fake mag cover
I could eventually sign up to this one
Facebook notification humor
It happens…
IE used by Disney
A least someone’s found a way to use it
Teacher owns students
One cool teacher
Modern waldo
Times change, so does Waldo
Amazing rock band
It all started in a garage…and hopefully never made its way out
Modern relationship fail
Who said it didn’t hurt?
Getting rid of Bieber
We need a statistician on this one
male evolution opposed to woman evolution
An interesting theory
why guys like girls
What are the odds of Anonymous being a guy
Kyle has a girlfriend
That guy is such a handful
downloading increases your computer weight
Some people just try too hard
learning to speak woman
You no longer have an excuse
Chuck Norris maths
Maths – the Norris theory
cheap STD pillow
Cheap in every possible way!
Shaving lautner
Knew I’d already seen him somewhere
kid jumping bag fail
kids are so precious to watch
advert licks buttox
Some get it where they can
google never stops surprising you
Guess we know what gender was practicing there lately…
google street view surprise
How to become legend
fat man dilemma
Plan B: You need it now!
vintage internet
Seriously, we missed out on all the fun
your mother's a koala
Won’t even mention your dad
do what the man says
head and shoulders funny
You now have seven days to wash your hair
download button dilemma
How many times did you get it wrong?
coming out on facebook fail
Friend of the year Award
pikachu fail
Then again we were never sure about it’s gender until now
moron ex gets owned
Getting owned by new boyfriend when playing the jackass – priceless
delivery van name fail
Sometimes it’s wise not to open it
Facebook  Jesus word game
It’s religion on Facebook
washing your car in the rain fail
Definition of twat
Yahoo IQ test fail
Internet is not for everyone
why divorce
google street view fail
No escaping street view
penis enlarger solution
Not sure the wifey will take the blame

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