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Monday YLYL – A collection of mischievous funnies

Monday YLYL – Sadly enough the time has come to shake off all those delightful weekend memories and to focus once more on a brand new business week. Mind you, nobody ever said that Monday had to inevitably be a fatality; do your best to think positively in order to minimize the aftermath and the experience should turn out to be far more bearable. Not convinced? We don’t blame you…. Then why not allow us to suggest you an alternative (you know where we’re going with this don’t you!). If you scroll on further down you will discover the devilish collection of Monday funnies that we have put together for you today… Please be aware though that the nonsense is strong in this one, so it’s up to you!

Wishing you a wonderful new week ahead and a crazy PMSLweb moment!

Funny butthurt chapstick – Monday YLYL

Funny f*ck you kid, I’m snake gif

Suspicious plunger humor

What does a thong and Trump’s hair have in common joke

Husband thought I was touching myself funny tweet

How to make an Isis fighter humor

Sarcastic gluten free humor – Monday YLYL

Bulldozer fail meme

Naughty foreskin darth vader joke

Dad punched a hole in the wall humor

No lives matter sarcastic meme

When asked why they should pick me over another candidate humor

Funny photoshop request prank

Why I got fired humor – Monday YLYL

Sometimes I look at the sky and think of you sarcastic meme

Funny Trump cartoon

Man with the greatest willpower in the world meme

Funny adult joke

Superman is real humor

Bingo and chill humor

Don’t throw out doll’s heads humor – Monday YLYL

Funny scumbag spiderman gif

Dancing sandwiches sign meme

Internet warrior humor

the real reason you are late for work humor

How do you poop humor

Funny attention whore meme – Monday YLYL

Funny Rudolph the red nosed reindeer quote

Funny Mr Jihad kid clothes

When you ask her for a good reason not to go out with your friends

Funny justin bieber Durex advertising

Your truckload of fail has arrived meme – Monday YLYL

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