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Need a good midweek laugh? Go no further!

Need a good midweek laugh – Half way through the week already but the weekend still seems so far away doesn’t it? Why not treat yourself to a good midweek giggle… just because you deserve it with what all you have had to put up with since Monday -duh…
Wishing you a lovely PMSLweb moment!

freak the chook out of you
Tired of chick flicks? Scare the chook out of you!
the syndrom
Girls like optimizing pictures…but you knew that right?
that awkward moment
That awkward moment you just can’t say no…
baby don't hertz me
It’s science, knew it!
when you hate you really do
And we all do it, don’t DENY!
and I love it
And it’s so addicting…
spot it out
I know that was a toughie, sorry
the undergrounds
The undergrounds we just love
no real difference
Make big bucks, keep the pic and publish it then!
Because you have to let them know
Having a good giggle with your friends is important
trying it out
Doesn’t ‘come’ so easy you know
Some parents should be ashamed
your x
You just need to accept
Weren't sure where to spend your next holidays?
Weren’t sure where to spend your next holidays?
like a boss
Like a boss may I add
wii name in French
No wonder the kids have fun…
but you can do it
Catching a plane to get back home after surviving a crash?
everyday situation
So it wasn’t a personal challenge?
well all have one
So who did you think of while reading that…. fess up!
stand up
I’ll stick with the second guy..he has a real point
hitler fail
Don’t we love it when it’s just wrong?
where's the iceberg?
No fooling around with icebergs in Thailand
cancer effectiveness
Beliefs have a sharp tongue
clap your oh...
They already had an issue with pushups remember?
for the sake of love
But apparently that’s not love so….
but it always works
Name me one dude who never fell for this
no joke
No joke…
he never lets you down
y se puede confiar en Jesús
words of wisdom
And you then realize that it wasn’t a general idea….deep down inside you always knew where you stood.
he is the one
The one you’d be so proud to have as your son
Now you know what inspired them
Decades of people trying to understand
you all know what it's about
I resent that
give them a try
“The boner pies, give them a try”
why spend more
Why spend more?
when you get trapped
That moment when you realize…that you’ll be in for it no matter what.
when your crush is single
Your crush is single…the plan making process starts..Jack Bauer mode
best apple on the block
Best apple on the block
It's just true
Don’t play the prude, oh come on’
you are handsome
You are truly handsome and you know it
epic facebook photo fail
You like being bashed?
you love mother nature
You wondered why she was called ‘mother’ nature?
Now that  is so wrong
Now that is so wrong… some people are weird….
listen to me
And yes, just grow one if needed!
amazing zoo experience
Where on earth is this place?
we all need an ark also
Not to mention that we also all need an ark these days
sing alone
You need to sing it…
mummy on a bike
Your mum is so big… the bike sequel
Pepsi nation
Pepsi nation
exchanging ideas
Beliefs die hard…and we love it
what's Frosty up to
I saw Frosty humping Santa Clausssssss
brains are out of your league
Out of your league
blow my mind
Then again Dino’s were prehistoric creatures right?
basically keep them in school
You wish it wasn’t true
As simple as that
Smoke him
We did obviously miss out on stuff as a kid

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