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New week chuckles – A funny picture collection

New week chuckles – While we know that you probably do not wish to acknowledge the harsh new week reality, truth is that there’s nothing you can really do about it if not suck it up and attempt to make the most of it. Given that laughter should always be prioritized in order to thwart Monday’s side effects, it’s our pleasure to let you know that you will find below our latest gallery of lighthearted funnies, so please feel free.

Wishing you a wonderful new week ahead and a fun PMSLweb moment!

McDonalds mascot is a happy meal in the toilet funny meme –New week chuckles

Funny KFC sunscreen

What natural birth looks like humor

When she first sits down on it funny meme

Funny if girlfriend was a pokemon

We put a penny in a glass of coke humor

Typed butthole instead of buttonhole humor – New week chuckles

Son’s first life lesson funny tweet

Drinking on the job at the sperm bank adult humor

Suspicious looking woman in the Brazilian team humor

Funny bon appétit spelling fail

Funny rose FU gif

Funny necronomithong – New week chuckles

F*ck you other penguin funny gif

Adult literature dafuq did I just read

I want to be a model funny fail

You call it nagging sarcastic humor

Beating the meat funny dank meme

Funny roast me – New week chuckles

Funny term to refer to alone with dad time

We don’t work on Mondays funny dank meme

Funny man’s response after being rejected by the military

Toilet only for pregnant elderly disabled children funny meme

It’s a beautiful day to shut the f*ck up sarcastic quote

Size of an airplane in movies funny meme – New week chuckles

Scientists baffled with man’s ability to fuck everything up humor

Wearing a jumpsuit in a public restroom funny truth

Funny fapping gif

What part of meow don’t you understand funny cartoon

Funny I’m the all powerful gay poster

Funny tech support glossary – New week chuckles

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