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New week funnies – Sending positive vibes your way

New week funnies – Waking up on Monday is always a toughie, and rare are those who do not feel a slight heartbreaking sensation during those last extra few minutes you tend to grant yourself to – while keeping an eye on the alarm clock – before actually leaving the bed. Deep down inside you know that any excuse you could possibly come up with during that small lapse of time is a lost cause upfront, you will submit to Monday… period; so buckle up and let’s make the most of it.

Wishing you an engaging PMSLweb moment!

How to eat on a treadmill gif at

Ok Monday let’s do this at

Jesus commandments – New week funnies at

Litter box breakfast prank at

New app called sense of humor at

Food on payday then after – New week funnies at

Wife and husband underwear joke at

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Fjuck Ikea funny at

Ikea product recall fail – New week funnies at

Ikea instructions by Mike Sacks at

Rapist may have HIV by victim at

Don’t forget to clean your flash drive at

My GPS is Jesus Christ – New week funnies at

Definition of Yolo meme at

Ever been tempted to cheat on your wife meme at

Someone is getting proposed meme at

The science of body language – New week funnies at

Blow it with all your lungs at

YOLO you only live online meme at

Hair care discrimination meme at

The devil and the old man – New week funnies at

Reading the time with the Polish cycling team at

Nagging wife humor at

The world’s most dangerous slide  at

No one gives a flying sh*it – New week funnies at

People are more violently opposed to fur than leather at

Google is a girl cartoon at

Ikea groggy at

Post no bills – New week funnies at

The porn cannot be displayed error at

Welcome to puberty meme at

Not enough coffee or middle fingers Monday ecard at

Happy and unhappy at the same time cartoon at

When a guy does something wrong at

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