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New week humor – A sarcasm tainted collection of funnies

New week humor – Once in a while you feel the urge to evacuate the stress that you have cumulated over a fair amount of time, and Monday seems to be the perfect day for doing just that; so long story short, today we could not resist, and decided to add a zest of sarcasm and irony to our daily collection of funny pictures.

Wishing you a wonderful new week and a wicked PMSLweb moment!

The voices are back excellent quote – New week humor at

More wind lion meme at

Somebody has collected all seven dragon balls meme at

Dog warning funny – New week humor at

I think therefore I don’t have much in common at

Feed me slave cat meme at

Hairy potter – New week humor at

Fun facts about winning the lottery at

See a bug outside humor at

The polar bears coloring book at

If gas gets any higher funny quote at

My favorite part of sex funny quote at

I leave you meme – New week humor at

MTV WTF meme at

Selective hearing aids for men at

Quality service ranked 1 humor at

Why did I ask where children come from at

Orchestra conductor – New week humor at

Blingon at

Restless leg syndrome funny at

How life should be proportioned at

New year new me STFU at

K funny – New week humor at

I not only ride the crazy train quote at

Jaws piano humor at

AC/DC cats at

Ray of sunshine humor at

I don’t have a problem with anger quote at

Girls are very good at hockey – New week humor at

Grumpy cat the wheels on the bus go at

Circumcision demotivational at

Funny news title at

News title fail at

I will find you waldo meme at

I don’t always Monday meme at

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