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New week humor – A sarcasm tainted collection

New week humor – Today, we would like to raise awareness about a condition which actually affects a majority of the population : The Monday morning alarm clock Syndrome or MMAC. While to this day there is sadly no known cure to the disorder, specialists in the field tend to agree that a good dose of laughter can help minimize the symptoms. Baring this in mind, we’ve decided to support the MMAC cause by dishing out free doses of giggles today, so please be our guests.

Wishing you a wonderful new week and a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Evolution of television – New week humor at

Funny Facebook button suggestion at

Wardrobe troll meme at

I would bitch slap you ecard at

Tooth versus chocolate cartoon at

Sarcastic nobody gives a f*ck – New week humor at

Funny sofa wake-up call at

Picasso makeup sarcasm at

Restart your computer humor at

Envelope opener fail at

Why do you keep ignoring my f*ck off face at

Titanic 3D humor – New week humor at

Funny do I look like nicki Minaj at

It’s acute fucktardis ecard at

Funny hobbit meme at

Cats meow only to humans meme at

A list of all the f*cks I give at

Funny Kitty cartoon – New week humor at

Content in women’s magazines graph at

Funny different ways to park at

Some people act like they are trying to help you at

May I interest you in a breath mint at

Dear automatic flushing toilet at

Funny this update requires – New week humor at

Halloween gamer meme at

When I accidentally open Internet explorer at

Talk to the hand ecard at

Final destination Kiwi edition at

Funny your stomach at a restaurant at

I have my charger humor – New week humor at

Funny Jesus painting edit at

Don’t mess behind the teacher’s back at

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