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New week humor – Your Monday selection of funnies

New week humor – Today during your encounter of the new week kind, you have had the honor of being greeted by the 21st Monday out of the 52 which are featured in 2015’s calendar. Sadly enough, thirty one still remain to pull through, but given those you have survived so far, we have faith in you.

In order to boost the spirits a tad, here’s our Monday selection of funnies, so please feel free.

Wishing you a joyful PMSLweb moment!

When tempted to fight fire with fire quote – New week humor at

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Keep off the grass meme – New week humor at

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Fake funny plane guidelines at

Polly wants more than a cracker funny cartoon at

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Malcolm in the middle how to ruin your children’s porn at

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Customer support demotivational at

Mom am I adopted meme at

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Funny England as portrayed by Japanese text books at

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Game of thrones Ikea humor at

Stupid people on social media at

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Never put off until tomorrow funny quote at

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