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New week LOL – A few chuckles to start the week

New week LOL – Welcome to our Monday edition of funnies. Because maintaining a certain amount of the positive vibes you gathered during the weekend goes without saying, each and every one of us should make a point of honor to include a few giggles into his schedule today; so please accept our modest contribution with the following collection.

Wishing you a brilliant new work and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Stalking eye animated – New week LOL at

Funny lightning bolt sign parody at

Bathroom pipe burst meme at

Funny unfortunate ad placement at

Wine get shitfaced with class at

When you’re high as shit humor – New week LOL at

Vintage typewriting while driving meme at

Earth is the only planet with wifi animated at

Book of unsolicited bullshit at

Funny real life versus the movies at

Funny can’t reach it don’t need it at

Dumb is never cute quote at

Share a coke with Daenerys humor – New week LOL at

Funny porn tourist bus fail at

Why cats have 9 lives cartoon at

Photosynthesis humor at

Funny cat sits like a human at

How my friend deals with women humor at

Funny sushi cartoon – New week LOL at

Jesus playing beer pong at

Funny game of thrones chapstick advert

Still waiting for this to happen at

Buddhist heaven humor at

Funny payday versus rest of the month at

Sex in the kitchen versus eating in bed quote at

I disagree with you meme – New week LOL at

Funny wine tasting guide at

Funny cowboy Henk cartoon at

Windows 10 humor at

Funny novinophoboa definition at

Men who do not understand women humor at

Funny Ice cube then and now at

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