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New year humor – Hilarious New Year picture collection

New Year humor – Would you believe it, time zone by time zone we finally are in the starting blocks ready to celebrate the craziest and most festive evening of the year. Chances are that you’ll realize at some point today that you are missing on this or that (take extra care as far as booze is concerned, as you wouldn’t want to run low today of all days), waiting to hear from this or that specific person and long story short.. you should encounter a little stress at some given moment, as organized as you can be! Need to catch a breath? That’s where we step in, as our latest hours of scavenging have turned out to be quite prolific, and with no false modesty, we think that our special New Year humor edition should draw a few wicked smiles.

The PMSLweb team wishes every single one of its viewers an absolutely astonishing New Year 2016, a craze-packed evening and a jocular PMSLweb moment!

New Year humor

Funny liver works overtime

I hate January meme

New year new me sarcasm

My hangover lasted longer than my resolution humor

F*ck my liver o’clock sarcasm

I had no idea I was under the mistletoe humor – New year humor

Here’s to a f*cking goodyear meme

Funny sarcastic new year resolution

Funny Maury new year quote

Kiss my ass mistletoe funny cartoon

When people ask me what my new year resolutions are meme

My new year resolution is to give less of a shit – New year humor

New year’s day walk of shame maze

Funny resolution recap game

Here’s my new year’s resolution sarcastic ecard

Funny new year resolution

Let’s spend new year’s eve together sarcasm

Funny new year resolutions graph

When you have nobody to kiss for the new year – New year humor

Brace yourselves New Year gluttony is coming meme

Mistletoe the silent wingman

Time is running out for your resolutions humor

If you have nobody to kiss at midnight sarcastic ecard

Let’s toast to another year of unfulfilled promises humor

New year doesn’t matter had sex – New year humor

Sarcastic STFU new year resolution

tagging me in new year photo’s sarcastic ecard

Funny new year resolutions game

Another shitty year we’ll be nostalgic for

Funny new year resolutions list  - New year humor

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