Lackadaisical Sunday – On your marks, get set and nothing

Lackadaisical Sunday – Because attempting anything industrious would be criminal today as Sunday is known to be procrastination day, we deeply suggest that you just kick-off your shoes – in case you ever got to actually putting them on since you got up this morning let’s be honest – maybe take a nap, watch TV or play video games and evidently take a spin by surfing left and right on the Great Web Ocean.

If ever you feel inspire by the last option, please feel free to check out what follows!

Wishing you a stress-free PMSLweb moment!

Trust me I’m an engineer
They’ve protected the chicken by  a force feel
we will rock you
wise moves funny accident
I will bitchslap you so many times ecard
wearing headphones doesn’t make farts silent
Bond versus grumpy cat
the front door when you want to pee
Tom hanks the best smelling actor you worked with
Baby’s first book on zombies demotivational
a great way to connect with your inner psycho
firemen and marijuana field
If I was a bird funny quote
how to catch a cat funny
there are 3 levels of pain ecard
I won’t be coming into work today funny
Nasa’s robot curiosity landed on Mars funny men quote
sorry honey sarcasm falls out of my mouth
gerber Big Mac and fries baby food
mushroom in cemetery cartoon
polka hard funny meme
Redneck A/C demotivational
someone is at the door dog meme
mummy toilet paper fail cartoon
I remember the good old days funny
forgive and forget ecard
Jager bomber
When I bang my toe funny quote
seat broken do not use funny
the L in my luck has been replaced with my F
things are about to get interesting
Rated S for stunning
fun cannot be spelled without F U ecard
I wonder if the receptionist at the sperm bank ecard
turkey’s stuffing the human
I want a hamburger that looks like the ones in the commercials
tin man oiling his parts
boobytrap backwards is partyboob
a short bedtime story demotivational
meanwhile in Ireland
reasons for ending a game of monopoly
this coupon is good for one bitchslap
if everyone cared and nobody cried ecard
If you like having ex while listening to music ecard
80’s porn demotivational
the flight of the bumblebee raid funny
is that a phone in your back pocket ecard
if you were a vegetable Grumpy Cat
F*ck you suggested serving size
a nightmare on elmo street
coffee is a drug funny
how to end a relationship funny

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