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Tuesday funnies – Once upon a time there was a collection

Tuesday funnies – The people were trying to make it through the beginning of the week, chins up & spirits high, they courageously decided to confront devilish Tuesday, armed only with their will to survive and a good dose of pep. During their quest, they would make brief halts left and right on pages offering them shelter in order to refill their giggle gauge. …

Wishing you a lighthearted PMSLweb moment!

Missing fred the fish
If I had 10 cookies ecard
unicorn funny
the navy chief funny story
wife versus husband demotivational
Internet truth funny
difference between your and you’re funny
funny dog on skateboard sign
YMCA in Chinese funny
take on me funny
big bang theory costumes
funny captcha
girlfriend versus girl friend funny
the doctor will be with you in a minute funny
advanced toilet paper funny
I value the opinions that you keep to yourself ecard
Jesus is not a zombie ecard
deer lord funny facebook comment
Draw your favorite part of the mass funny
Morning sex funny story
spelling meme
the meaning of heck
funny photographer story
army camouflage seems legit
dad iphone moth prank
this thing is pissing me off more than it should
egg sofa
should you comment on this facebook status
where is the triangle key captcha funny
the hobbits rock poster
do you want to save the changes funny ecard
three armed dad photoshop fail
found myself in a windows XP background
the sooner you advertise here the better
weight I’m gaining it Mc Donalds funny
that mosquito was a dick
Sore throat probably cancer webMD funny
nobody ever reads the rules of monopoly funny
gumby condoms funny
food pictures before instagram funny
people from my hometown on facebook funny
ice cream soup meme
get some friends ecard
I need to focus more on the potty training funny
weener cleaner soap
how to wash your dishes funny
meanwhile at taco bell
I’m not mad at you ecardItunes notification funny

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