Optical illusions and brain teasers – Our selection

Optical illusions and brain teasers – Feel like having a little go at that brain of yours and see if you can challenge it? Various optical illusions and brain teasers can be found across the web these days, and today we have decided to make you lose some of your precious time with a handful of them.

Wishing you a PMSLweb moment!

Black Dots
Black dots
Can you count them?
Central Point
Central Point
First stare at the black dot then slowly lean towards the picture.
After Image
Stare at this picture of Chè Guevara for at least 30-60s, then look straight at a white surface and start blinking…. surprise!
Coffee Illusion
Coffee Illusion
Hey someone is hiding in this picture, can you spot him out?
The Corner House
The Corner House
Would you say about this house that it’s concave or convex? Place your hand on the top part, then…..on the bottom part.
Center Dots
Center Dots
Which center dot is the biggest? And yeah you are allowed to give it second thoughts…..
The Lovers
Face Lovers
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I see a face but that’s not all……”
From grey to blue
From grey to blue
Stare at the black dot at the lower right of the picture and gradually you’ll see the grey stripe at the top left change from grey to blue.
Hidden Tiger
Hidden Tiger
Can you find the hidden tiger in the picture, I mean the HIDDEN TIGER right?
What can you see?
What can you see
or read…
The Light Bulb
The light bulb
Stare at the black light bulb for about 30s then look at any white surface.. and indeed it will light up!
Pacman Illusion
Lilac Chaser
Take your time when staring at the cross and different phenomenon’s will appear to you; first the disks will start disappearing briefly one after the other, then gaps will appear followed by a green disk….
The hidden message
No sex
If you cannot read the above message you may want to step back a little..
Do you see a spiral?
No spiral
Because there actually isn’t any…check again!
Paris in the Springtime
Paris in the Springtime
What do you actually read here? Are you sure? Really?
Yes the picture actually is
Victory or Defeat?
Victory and defeat
Both actually…
Finally last but not least a very freaky one be warned! Stare at the blue garbage bag for at least one whole minute, it may not seem like it but something very unusual is going to happen… don’t give up as it may take some time but it’s definitely worth it!

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