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PMSL funnies – Rendez vous with the funny pics

PMSL funnies – The time has come to get stuck into for a brand new edition of Tuesday goodies. Don’t get us wrong, we know that today’s goal is for you to reach your peak productivity wise, and far be it from us to try and distract you from the latter…. On the contrary, logic would dictate that the more optimized will be your state of mind, the better will turn out to be the performance (the wisdom is undeniably strong in this one).

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

Skyping with the grandparents’ humor – PMSL funnies at

Abraham Lincoln is alive meme at

Dick Advocaat humor at

Funny can’t reach it don’t need it rule at

Funny army truth cartoon at

Cat pooping out of litter box at

Funny I lost my son at the mall – PMSL funnies at

Funny is Rich a name or an adjective at

Funny Disney pants fail at

Funny UPS in a nutshell at

How to tell if people are married funny kids point of view at

When you push the thoughts to the back of your head humor at

Obelix and riots funny – PMSL funnies  at

Funny cat hiding at

England provider of independence days meme at

Bursting your ego funny at

Funny get a 6 pack by sucking-in the belly at

Funny hamster trying to tell her she can’t spend the night at

Funny when you can’t afford a GPS – PMSL funnies at

When you get back from work animated at

Funny guy looks like hulk at

Fire alarm went off in the middle of my root canal at

Funny hide and seek champion at

Funny loaded with political promises at

Someone ate the food I was thinking about all day – PMSL funnies at

Funny autistic  version of hotel California at

Funny  electronic heart sleeve comment at

Cause of death by music genre at

Banged the hottest goat funny autocorrect fail at

Funny fish fingers gadget at

Fear and loathing gonzo parody at

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