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The Monday Saga – New Week (A PMSLweb production)

The Monday Saga - If a zombie apocalypse was to hit us, don’t you think that the odds of it occurring on a Monday could be quite high? Oh wait, actually what if we ended up misleading ourselves, and that what we would perceive as being the first signs of the dreaded Armageddon, only turned out to be people like you and I, knackered, depressed and/or still attempting to get over their weekend hangovers, dragging their feet while heading for work? Just a thought…

Wishing you a wonderful new week in all cases, and a boisterous PMSLweb moment!

Grandma knitting with chopsticks
playground fail
comparing armstrongs funny
must get treat dog meme
put that coin in funny meme
at the movie theatre which arm rest is yours
smells like bullshit
auto-correct funny quote
8 months later funny
I didn’t expect you to live this long cartoon
I hate everybody no matter what
is your drama going to have an intermission soon ecard
hadouken broken iPhone win
stop smoking center fail
couples on facebook versus couples in real life
homicide victims rarely talk to the police
bill posters will be prosecuted
Britney spears Monday Friday
Winnie the hutt
congratulations b*tch
I love you, you piece of s*it
batman – like and share if you…
plastic surgery for a permanent smile
carnival fail
playground slide fail
playground fail
body shapes chart
miracles at Disney land
I wish you were beer
beer and Viagra don’t mix
airline terminal a**holes
finger shoes funny
10 reasons to oppose marriage equality funny sarcasm
yoga poses funny
stress levels
my girlfriend wishes I could see things from her point of view meme
should I sleep with him – should I sleep with her chart
my wife isn’t thrilled by my new game meme
football funny gif

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