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Priceless Tuesday – A collection of Witty pictures

Priceless Tuesday – Drum roll and standing ovation ladies and gentlemen, in order to greet our infamous guest : the one and only Tuesday! The front line groupies are kindly asked to get their act together, catch a breath and take a step back, as we truly do prefer not having to ask our security services to kick-in. Now that we’re all set, let’s wait no longer and get the ball rolling.

Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment!

Drunk Egyptian history at

Damnit boobies at

Funny McDonald quiz answers at

I want to try anal sarcastic ecard at

I’ll file this under ecard at

Funny I like your butt – Priceless Monday at

Funny horny Pinocchio at

Do I have something stuck in my teeth at

Cut out friends forever alone at

History’s hidden stories meme at

Sometimes when I lean sarcastic ecard – Priceless Tuesday at

Birds are magnificent meme at

Funny marriage proposal at

Making a mouse feel at home meme at

Coffee fail at

Home is where humor at

Condom comebacks – Priceless Tuesday at

May your latest relationship last longer humor at

A lot is not a word at

When you wait until wedding day at

Dog poker face meme at

Funny Alien cartoon at

Hang in there funny – Priceless Tuesday at

When someone I don’t like sits next to me at

RIP diet cupcakes at

Here is your mistake funny at

If her bra matches her panties quote at

The truth about Facebook humor – Priceless Tuesday at

Funny close enough at

Stop editing your pics funny at

Funny bee gif at

Think it's not illegal yet at

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