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Procrastination Playground – An efficient way to waste time

Procrastination Playground – Welcome to PMSLweb’s Procrastination playground, if you were desperately looking for a place to put your bags down and procrastinate, search no more! Indeed, below you will find a large collection of time-wasters under various forms; Brain teasers, quizzes, optical illusions, games … be warned though that while some will attempt to flirt with your grey matter, others will have no other vocation but to draw a smile on your face; so stay on your guards, as nonsense will be encountered at various occasions all through the post.

Wishing you a glorious procrastinating PMSLweb moment!

Procrastination playground

Sudoku for blondes

Mr Angry Mrs Calm optical illusion

Blink fast illusion test

Sarcastic train coloring page

Draw the person you thought you’d be when you grow up humor

Meth me up coloring page – Procrastination playground

Hilarious game to share online

A rooster lays an egg riddle

Funny Mona lisa puzzle

Why did the lion cross the grassland puzzle

Van Gogh’s starry night optical illusion

Porn star or my little pony name quiz

Can you solve this? – Procrastination playground

Find the number 8 within the minute test

Can you answer this question math problem

Santa’s little helpers sarcastic coloring page

sarcastic father’s day word search

Color the Chinese person sarcastic humor

Stare at the middle optical illusion – Procrastination playground

Don’t stare at the balls challenge

What do you put in a toaster troll

Your eyes can play tricks on you humor

Find the apricot naughty game

Funny trick question quiz

Funny frustration word search

How many triangles do you see test – Procrastination playground

Fun number to google

Funny word scramble

Funny optical illusion logic

Keep your eyes on the cross funny optical illusion

Funny optical illusion prank

How to escape the stranger you slept with humor

The tea partier and the Taliban funny quiz – Procrastination playground

Funny velociraptor quiz

optical quiz for real nerds

Funny optical illusion joke

Go faster and go slower optical illusion

How to beat box humor

Rubik’s cube optical illusion – Procrastination playground

The psycho test

Get high online optical illusion

The English word ONLY is fantastic test

Where’s Wall-E test

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