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Rofl pics – A Monday collection of goodies

Here’s a new collection of Rofl pics to sweeten up this beginning of the week, the latter probably being a tad more bitter than usual after all the fun the last two weeks may of provided you with. Studies showing that you will normally only turn out to be productive for around 3.5 hours today, we clearly hope that we can contribute to making the remaining free time you’ll have left on your hands more bearable.

Wishing you a fertile new week and a smile warming PMSLweb moment!

Trailer versus actual game humor – Rofl pics at

Men proposing versus women proposing meme at

Gun in a movie with unlimited ammo – Rofl pics at

People of walmart humor at

Dinosaur humor at

Jurassic Park credits humor –Rofl pics at

Hanger games meme at

Women starve to death humor at

Douchebag award of the month – Rofl pics at

Intelligent people ignore Einstein meme at

Dog selfie meme at

Girl scouts in Russia demotivational – Rofl pics at

Corduroy skirts are a sin humor at

Parental advisory I say f*ck a lot at

Bartenders be like meme – Rofl pics at

No illegal’s no burritos humor at

Zumba instructor seems legit at

Nice to meet you I already forgot your name at

Best way to freak out your friends at

This is Australia meme – Rofl pics at

Dog who doesn’t want to socialize cartoon at

Bluntcard how long has it been at

Nascar presents walmart 500 - Rofl pics at

Vodka juice box – Rofl pics at

This is how we get ants meme at

Pokemon cartoon humor at

Facebook comment fail at

Remembering that some women marry ecard at

Mommy I’m sorry you’re tired humor – Rofl pics at

Why are iPhone chargers not called apple juice at

Great smell now everyone knows you pooped at

Traffic Jam in Dubai meme – Rofl pics at

How it looks versus how it feels at

Windows solitary meme – Rofl pics at

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