ROFL pictures – Add a zest of hilarity to your day

ROFL pictures – As you struggle with Monday’s evil twin, why not let yourself be tempted by an innocent LOL moment? As quoted from Sir Mark Twain himself, “Humanity has unquestionably one really effective weapon—laughter”; so let’s put our foot down and show that bully Tuesday who’s really in charge shall we?

Wishing you a giggle-filled PMSLweb moment!

Funny computer prayer – ROFL pictures at

Funny finger truth at

When my hair blows in the wind humor at

Hair dryer instructions fail at

Player two funny poem at

Why Germans don’t play scrabble at

Funny frightening statistic – ROFL pictures at

Heimlich doggies style at

Please use only 2 fingers sign at

My anti ebola suit meme at

Pirate cat scratching post humor at

Flowers hipster edit at

As soon as I give a fook – ROFL pictures at

Funny sarcastic ecard at

If my job sucked any harder at

Supercalafragalistic humor at

Not going to be able to unfuck the problem at

Brainstorming humor  - ROFL pictures at

Pregnancy commercial humor at

What scares me humor at

Sims gift label at

When I meet someone from Facebook humor at

Learn how to take a compliment funny at

Complementary colors humor – ROFL pictures at

Keyboard key humor at

Funny my crush quote at

Back off cat humor at

Felt pen fail at

CPR for adults funny – ROFL pictures at

Voodoo dick joke at

Wizard of Oz humor at

Women will be women joke at

Orgasm alert gif at

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