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Sarcasm is an Art – Invitation to a ‘Private Inauguration’

Sarcasm is an Art – We heard that you enjoyed modern art and couldn’t resist in inviting you to tour the “Great Gallery of Sarcasm” – just because on we are nice like that! During your visit – that we roughly estimate will be situated between 5 and 10 minutes – you shall discover various pieces of artwork which have been hidden for far too long and whom will be put under the spotlights in order for them to finally get the recognition they deserve. No doubt that they will quickly find their public and that the strong messages the artists were hoping to get through via them will get diffused at a well deserved scale once and for all.

Wishing you an aesthetical PMSLweb moment!

Productive work day funny gif
Think about how stupid the average person is funny
The best thing about being in my 30’s funny ecard
No lawn mower no problem funny picture
How about a big nice cup of shut the f up
Briefly explain what hard water is funny
When I see incorrect spelling in a facebook post ecard
What happened when my cat was reunited with the basket
Tony plays the piano funny kid’s school paper answer
Panda disciplines kid funny gif
Warning to us all funny shampoo quote
coffee a magical nectar funny ecard
we all have that one friend dog funny
Local KFC on fire when you see it
what you see versus what your dog sees
that awkward moment house smell
Butt guide funny picture
So many people would never be able to use the internet again

Whack a kitty funny gif
Not sure if it’s a woman or Darth Vader
If the people in horror movies listened to me
Pick a number from 1 to 100 prank
TV volume during movie – Y U not louder
waterful ring toss funny
I hate how spiders just sit on the wall funny
Tupperware is so handy funny ecard
My hair tie won’t go around my hair 3 times meme
Dat donuts – dem funny spelling
chick flicks funny
you are alone on an uninhabited island funny
I have found the key to happiness funny quote
Imagine if trees gave off wifi signals funny
doing absolutely nothing on the weekends ecard
How is it I detest every article of clothing I own funny
Life is too short to learn german
Fukitol 1000 mg
Grandma show me your tits cartoon
Intel inside – idiot outside
When I said I’d always be there for you ecard
Movie test funny prank
chickens hard decision funny cartoon
what part of f off don’t you understand
Thanks so much for that update on your super busy life ecard
And you think you have stress funny
Dad said to rub here for my three wishes funny
Cool story does it come with a sequel funny sarcasm
She was so happy when he gave up drinking funny
Penguins funny slap gif

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