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Sarcastic and adult humor – Time for some butthurt

Sarcastic and adult humor – DISCLAIMER : Once more today we have decided to treat you to a sarcastic and crude picture collection, so if you are under age or easily offended by this specific kind of humor, now would be the perfect moment to reevaluate the decision of scrolling any further. Indeed, we have rated the following post NSWF given its explicit nature (bad language funnies and mature humor), so you have been warned.

Wishing you a wicked, witty and chuckle-packed PMSLweb moment!

Sarcastic and adult humor

It’s Friday again Wonder woman gif

If you’re easily offended sarcastic quote

Breaking news I don’t care sarcastic quote

You have morals sarcastic humor

Please sir can I have more dick adult humor

We all know someone who speaks fluent shit – Sarcastic and adult humor

Go poke yourself sarcastic Facebook humor

When bae comes home late humor

When he asks for a booty pic humor

I don’t pretend to be anything I’m not funny quote

Yeah I cuss in front of the kids sarcastic ecard

A round of applause for the attention whore – Sarcastic and adult humor

Even if I had a pocket full of fucks sarcastic quote

Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean that you can’t do things sarcastic quote

Hilarious ultrasound gif

A true friend on social media sarcastic humor

Another shit day in suck city sarcastic meme

The face you make when you have to shit sarcastic meme

The cock in the sock Dr Seuss  - Sarcastic and adult humor

Waved to my ex today sarcastic meme

Facebook needs a button like this sarcastic humor

I’ve detected another c*nt sarcastic meme

Funny medieval connection lost on phone

I’m not saying your cooking was bad sarcastic ecard

The pen is in my mouth – Sarcastic and adult humor

A man’s guide to female anatomy adult humor

There’s fuckery to spread sarcastic meme

Remember when we were teenagers sarcastic quote

Funny romper room book of masturbation techniques

When she’s not replying adult humor

Every once in a while I check up on people I hate – Sarcastic and adult humor

Who said that English is easy sarcastic quiz

How racism began adult humor

How to speed up your download funny gif

Twenty one things porn has taught me adult humor

Funny dildo tree seeds sarcastic meme

WTF sausage nipples – Sarcastic and adult humor

Your mom’s anal beads are here meme

Hilarious text message teacher fail

Old McDonald’s doesn’t give a f*ck sarcastic humor

Funny whiner alert

How do you know if a woman used a vibrator during pregnancy adult humor

When you can’t read the board gay porn humor – Sarcastic and adult humor

I wish I spoke idiot sarcastic quote

Group photo of everyone who cares sarcastic meme

Paging doctor butthurt meme

Funny anal beads meme

Funny pussy snorkel review

Funny swearing kids joke – Sarcastic and adult humor

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